Hunger Ki Bajao Says Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh, hat’s off! Every time you are on screen for an ad, you nail it with your swag-ness. Hunger Ki Bajao, you are saying this time and it’s just absolutely adorable to say the least. The guy actually came on board to spread awareness on how several kids sleep hungry each day and how all of us can save them. The idea is conceptualized by Ching’s and was published by YRF yesterday. Hunger Ki Bajao is an initiative to feed every child in the country who deserves proper nutrition but doesn’t get it. We all have heard stories on how most children in India are under nourished. Hunger Ki Bajao is born out these statistics that are thrown in our faces each day and we aren’t really able to ensure that every child manages to get the right nutrition. One of the reasons could also be the lack of trust. There are many NGOs in the market working for the same cause, but we have a difficult time believing if the money actually converts into food and reaches a child’s plate. With Hunger Ki Bajao, we are ensured that it’s not a money making gimmick. Ranveer Singh, who is the brand ambassador of Ching’s, took endorsing to another level by supporting this initiative. The way the ad is conceptualized and then the fabulous execution will leave a smile on your face. What we loved the most about this Hunger Ki Bajao ad is the conversation Ranveer has with us (camera) at the end of the ad. All they want is 750 rs from us and they promise that it is enough to feed a child for a year. It’s beautiful, inspiring and heart warming. Hunger Ki Bajao gets thumbs up from us. Big hug for Ranveer! We are donating right now; will you? Guys please help the kids.


Source : YRF 

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