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30 NIEM Students Who are Rocking the Event Industry

NIEM Students

NIEM Students Who are Rocking the Event Industry


Event Management is one field that is certainly picking up its pace in the entertainment industry now. With a huge line of events in the season, concerts and the “new in fashion” baby showers and kitty parties dominating the market, it’s always difficult to make your pick. Moreover if one wishes to be a part of this industry, things get all the more overwhelming with the oh-so-long-list of institutes offering a course in Event Management. National Institute of Event Management (NIEM) is an institute that talked about Event Management even before people knew about a concept like this in most cities. They are literally both the Adam and Eve of the Event industry. Unlike institutes that focus on promoting its faculties, courses and infrastructure, NIEM focuses on its students above everything else. “Our students are our ambassadors”, is their motto. And why not, these kids are shining in style and experience in the Event industry today. Have a look!


Karan Grover

NIEM Student - Karan Grover

Known face, right? He is a famous television actor today and played a role in Yahaan Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli and Saarrthi.

Priyesh Sagar

NIEM Student - Priyesh Sagar

He was an actor, has done 53 hindi serials, 4 gujarati serials, 3movies and so much more! He is now the Centre Head of NIEM Ahmedabad. His leadership skills are exemplary.

Pragya Yadav  

NIEM Student - Pragya Yadav

This Swedish actress and model made a career after her training at NIEM. She recently married ace director Abhishek Kapoor.

Vikash Agarwal

NIEM Student - Vikash Agarwal

Give or take a few months and this guy could actually get a citizenship in Thailand. He works at Beautiful Weddings (Kolkatta), which only deals with International Weddings.

Jignesh Umarigar

NIEM Student - Jignesh Umarigar

He works at the famous Wizcraft (Mumbai) and handles Operations. He always had that spark as a student at NIEM.

Gaurav Jariwala

NIEM Student - Gaurav Jariwala

NIEM doesn’t only train you into events; it also makes you efficient enough to start your own venture. That’s what this young chap has done. Today, he is the Director of Avsar Events & Entertainment.

Pratik Garg

NIEM Student - Pratik Garg

One more example of what NIEM trains students into. Pratik is Director of Customs & Cultures in Balotra.

Chetan Parihar

NIEM Student - Chetan Parihar

Fab Events India (Udaipur) is one of the best companies in the country. Chetan heads the Operations department there.

Manoj Kaklotar

NIEM Student - Manoj Kaklotar

NIEM traning take you to places. Manoj is Director of Silver Feather Events wherein he uses the skills learnt to the fullest in order to manage the best events.

Viresh Bhandari

NIEM Student - Viresh Bhandari

NIEM doesn’t only provide local internship experience but also provides an out station one. Viresh is a wedding planner at Udaipur today.

Raj Sheth

NIEM Student - Raj Sheth

Experience talks, doesn’t it? Raj worked with Scarlet Events for more than a year and is now working with R-1 Events & Entertainment.

Garima Pareek, Aditya Pandit and Priyank Joshi

Garima Pareek, Aditya Pandit and Priyank Joshi - NIEM Student

This fantastic 3 team of students now Work as the core team of Seven X.

Riddhi Gehlot and Raghav Periwal

Riddhi Gehlot and Raghav Periwal - NIEM Student

Double power from NIEM! Both work as the core team members at RC Events.

Arti Chotai

Arti Chotai - NIEM Student

After a series of internships the students get to choose where they want to work. Arti chose to work at Espresso Events. It helps her to learn and also contribute her wisdom in the field.

Kunal Seth

 Kunal Seth - NIEM Student

After studying at NIEM, Kunal worked with Event Solutions Ltd., for over a year. He also helps the management section in its Ahmedabad branch.

Shrey Agrawal

Shrey Agrawal - NIEM Student

Shrey just finished his course and is now working with Point Black Events as operations head.

Miti Godawat

 Miti Godawat - NIEM Student

She is the 1st girl who is a pilot from Udaipur and successfully freelancing with different companies. Talk about Jack of All!

Nishee Nathwani , Kunjan Kshatirya,
Sonia Mulchandani, Vikas Didwania,
Nevil Shah, Kaushil Jakharia,
Shivani Jha and Parul Pawar
Gourav Joshi, Kuldeep Prajapati, Abhishek Tiwari

NIEM Students

That’s a big team from the institute working with RC Events as core team members.

Piyush Dahima

Piyush Dahima - NIEM Student

Worked as a Freelancer for various companies and formed his own Events & IP Company. Talk about brilliant entrepreneurism!

Mitul Jain

Mitul Jain - NIEM Student

Mitul works as a freelancer for various Event Companies and aims at gaining maximum experience in events.

Truly, NIEM has a hell lot of ambassadors!


If you wish to study event management at NIEM you can check the details here NIEMINDIA

This post is sponsored by National Institute of Event Management (NIEM) Ahmedabad.

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