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Work can really bore the hell out of us sometimes. The entire process of chasing targets tires us so much that sometimes we forget to enjoy the success. But, there are times when the office really decides to take a break and party. It’s a way to unwind and celebrate whatever has been achieved. It is also the only time you don’t have to talk ‘work’ with everyone around you. Some of us decide to skip it citing a number of reasons. Bad idea! Here are reasons why you must never do that.


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Do you really need another reason? Don’t we all crave a couple of drinks and an environment where we can unwind and just be? So what if it’s an office party, it’s still a party, right? 


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We may be friends with some colleagues, but not all. Most of us only meet our colleagues in a formal environment where everything defined and limited. This could be your chance to know your colleagues better and explore their ‘fun’ side. Who knows you might become the best of friends too. 


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Every time your boss buzzes you to meet him in his cabin, it sets your pulse rate on a roller coaster ride. Most of us dread that moment and don’t wish to be anywhere near it. Also, since the boss has a different cabin and we don’t see him often, we really don’t know them too much. A party will show that bosses are as fun as you are. 


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This is a perfect chance to flaunt whatever it is that you are proud of. Whether it’s dancing or snorting whisky out of your nose for all we care. Just do it! 


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Imagine you didn’t attend the party. The next day will be your nightmare at work and it may go on for a week. Isn’t it painful when everyone talks about ‘that incident’ that happened at the party and you don’t know squat about it? It is going to bore the hell out of you and all you will have to do is to wait for the party hangover to wear off. 



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So, there is this attractive guy/girl in your office you want to ask out, but it has always been difficult with all the targets eating your head. The only conversation you have had with that person is a silly smile across corridors and a goofy ‘hi’ at the coffee machine. This could be your perfect chance to know him/her and see what he/she is like. 


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Believe us, sometimes office parties manage to come up with the craziest of games. They are a lot of fun and can leave everyone literally ‘rolling on the floor laughing.’ You may not get a chance to play such games anywhere else, so be a part of it and enjoy. Don’t be an audience, participate. 


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The real fun at any party begins once people start getting drunk. Some people can really act crazy and entertain the hell out of you. Nobody would want to miss that, right? And just imagine if your boss is one of them, Ah! We suggest you take pictures and use them to your advantage late. *Wink*. 


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Some office parties involve inviting colleagues from the other branch of the company. If you love the job you have and are really looking for growth within the system, you can make a lot of contacts through the party. You also get to meet new people. A little socialising never hurts, right?


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If none of the above points convince you, then this is the last option. If you drink like a fish and eat like a pig, this party is for you since the company pays for it.

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