Cute Puppies Sleeping

If there is that one thing that can really light up a terrible day at work, it has to be your dog waiting for you wagging its tail when you open the door! These Cute Puppies Sleeping at the most random, unexpected places tell you that even this can light up your day like nothing else. There cannot be a cuter sight than Cute Puppies Sleeping, but then to watch them sleep over the desk or in a bowl just gets your heart dripping with love like never before. So while you are genuinely waiting for this long day to end and then weekend to show up faster; here’s something that will keep you smiling in the meantime. 12 Cute Puppies Sleeping where you’d least expect them to!

1The owner definitely needs a new place for his/her shoes. Look at this little fellow!

cute puppies sleeping in the shoe rack

2And today’s news are…a plump little bundle of joy this one! *heart eyes*

cute puppies sleeping on a pile of newspaper

3I sleep while the world eats!

cute puppies sleeping on the coffee counter

4So I was done with dinner and got really drowsy and sleepy. Then I thought, hey! I can sleep on my dinner!

cute puppies sleeping on his own food

5Like a BOSS!

cute puppies sleeping on a lap

6I like this shoe! It’s going to be my bed from now!

puppies sleeping cutely in a show

7Whoever said this was only for the kids. See, I fit in just fine.

cute little puppy sleeping in a basket

8Umm…so yes, I don’t know how this happened.

dog sleeping in an awkward position

9This is the cutest one of all!

Cutest puppy sleeping

10Hahahahahahahaha! This one is so adorable; I want to grab it out of the screen!

cute dog sleeping on the side table

11Creative! Who could have thought of this!

cute canine sleeping on car door handle

12I have had a long day! Just leave it be!

Tired dog sleeping cutely

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