Home News Did anyone play Pac-Man on Google Maps today?

Did anyone play Pac-Man on Google Maps today?

Pac Man on google maps
April fools day pac man on google play

Did anyone play Pac-Man on Google Maps today?

Did you ever imagine you could play Pac-man on Google? Google’s mapping service rolled out a layout that reminded everyone of Pac-Man. It basically turned the real streets of a city into a game field wherein users could play the classic game gobbling up pellets and ghosts. A Google spokeswoman said that it was an early April fool’s joke by Google for its users. It allows the users to play the game in select locations. In case the location doesn’t have enough roads I said, “It looks like Pac-Man can’t play here” and asked users to randomly select another location.

Play on Google Maps absolutely resembled the classic arcade game that had Pac-Man running across roads eating up pellets, white ghosts and fruits and avoiding coloured ghosts. It has become an instant hit among users with everyone’s enjoying this fun look of maps. It still isn’t sure as to for how long will they keep this layout for Google Maps. The rate at which they are getting hits for Pac-man on Google; we think they might prolong it. Another possibility is that they may wait for the 1st of April to pass in every country and then shut it down.

Pac-man on Google has been trending since then and you will find practically everyone using it while it’s available. This wonderful surprise by Google has received a lot of appreciation and interest about its users.

Go to Google Maps, find yourself an area with lots of road(eg New York), and click the big Pac-Man icon on the bottom left. That’s all you have to do to play pac-man on Google. Google also made a support page for the following as well [Support].


Pac-Man on Google Maps


Pac-Man on Google Maps

Suddenly, you’ll find the real world transformed into a classic arcade. That’s how magical Pac-man on Google is today.


Pac-Man on Google Maps

Our advice, grab it while it’s there and have fun. You see, the best things don’t last for long, unfortunately! Or else you man have to wait for another year and April to appear so as to play this game. Who knows, Google might do something randomly awesome next year that may not have Pac-man at all. It’s not everyday you get a chance to relive your childhood days, right? get on to the chair and have fun now!

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