On Your Marks is a Beautiful Message by Vir Das

As the board results are declared or being declared (depending on what state (ah! Pun!) You are in), children and parents are getting anxious by the second. On you Marks is a beautiful message by Vir Das that shows you how marks don’t really matter when you are learning a lesson called life. On Your Marks has already garnered a lot o love and praise, especially from children expecting their board results this year. The video talks about what is it that children learn as they grow up and how none of those things require “marks”. On Your Marks is a beautiful thoughts and a much needed lesson for life that is not taught in most schools (unfortunately). On Your Marks has Vir Das narrating the obvious things people do in life after they leave school; the things they learn and observe and how those have nothing to d o with marks at all. Marks do not define an individual, nature and experience does. On Your Marks doesn’t only hold a deep message for children, but also for parents who subconsciously pressurize their kids at performing the best and running after marks.

It’s talking about that point in life when you will realize that you don’t need to/have to be a part of the rat race. All that seems like a huge deal now won’t feel like that after a couple of years. Irrespective of marks, it’s important to understand what do you want. At the end of the day there cannot be a better teacher than life and the experiences it brings for all of us. So while you are elated or down because of the way you have performed; Vir Das asks you to take a moment and discover your own potential. Marks don’t prove your talent; they are only a proof of your memory.

It’s important to relax and embrace life for what it is. On Your Marks is something no child must miss!



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