Redneck Avengers by Bad Lip Reading is ROFL Material

This is why we love social media! It connects you beyond anything, anyone could ever think of. Watch Redneck Avengers and you will know why. If you have ever sat before the television and watched movie without subtitles and tried to lip read the characters’ lines, well this is the place for you. Redneck Avengers by Bad Lip Reading is just what you want when you need a good laughter break. Some of us also have the habit of doing with with our friends. It will remind you of that time when you watch a bad movie or a film in another language and then give out the lines from what you think is happening. In most cases it generates humour like nothing else. These guys have dubbed certain portions of Avengers in what lines they made off the actor’s lip reading and named it Redneck Avengers. This video is absolutely hilarious and has got over 3 million views in a week. These guys keep getting better with each video and their creativity and sense of humour is taking over the internet like made fire. Redneck Avengers has such hilarious lines, you will actually forget the original and wish this was the actual film. Full marks for the concept, creativity and execution! You CANNOT under any circumstances expect Avengers to say the things they do in this reprised version. Redneck Avengers is the answer to your search for a good laugh today. They have selected only certain portions of the famous multi-superhero film. We believe Indians can relate the most to this since we often have an issue in understanding English films.  Watch it, share it with your friends and we promise you won’t regret any of it! We are sure the next time you watch a film; you are going to mute it and then give out the lines.


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