Alan Rickman Most Memorable Characters


Alan Rickman is no more and we couldn’t have been sadder. This beautiful Alan Rickman most memorable characters video is a journey down the memory lane. It hurts to lose a man like him. It seems like it was yesterday we saw him torturing Harry as Professor Snape and today he is gone! Just like that!

The world might know him popularly as Professor Snape, but Rickman has played some of the strongest characters on screen. This video on Alan Rickman memorable characters is a testimony to that. Lately cancer has been taking away a lot of talented gems from us. First David Bowie and now Alan Rickman, this isn’t how we wanted 2016 to be!

Rickman died yesterday in London. He was known for his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company; his roles in “Die Hard” and the “Harry Potter franchise”. Not only all the actors who have worked with him are upset, but also it has been a major setback for all Harry Potter fans. F you are one of those who only knew Alan Rickman as Professor Snape; we suggest you watch this Alan Rickman most memorable characters video.

It won’t only give you a body of his filmography, but will also work as a fantastic list of films to must watch. Rickman never won an Academy award for any of his performances, but he didn’t really work that well for the awards. He had said once in an interview,

“Parts win prizes, not actors, and it’s almost like anybody could say those lines and somebody will hand them a piece of metal.”

Alan Rickman, you didn’t only inspire a couple of fans, you inspired an entire generation! No matter what happens tomorrow, we will never find another YOU. Here’s hoping you are looking over us and smiling from up there.

We Miss You.


Source: CNN

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