Reasons We Love Arjun Kapoor


He is sexy, he is charming, we love his stubble look, his eyes are the best, we can sell our kidneys to see him smile; we can go on and on. Who doesn’t love Arjun Kapoor? This guy entered the industry like a breeze and took away our hearts like a storm. From his fantastic dialogue delivery, to his action sequences everything about Arjun gives us the feels. Couple that with his fun brother image (courtesy Sonam Kapoor) and his eternal “yeh dosti hum nahi todenge” type loyalty with Ranveer Singh; this boy is here to stay and rule our hearts! It’s Arjun Kapoor’s birthday today and there is no way we can carry on with the day without wishing our handsome buddy! We know that you are probably flooded with insane love messages; the internet went bonkers since yesterday, we have no idea how many mails, tweets and messages you must have received! This is our little attempt to make you smile on your special day. Out of a million reasons to love this absolute powerhouse of talent, we bring you a few. Happy Birthday Arjun! Live long and prosper!


1He is so adorable!

Adorable Arjun Kapoor

2Undoubtedly an awesome co-star!

Amazing Co-star Arjun Kapoor
Fubbu and Alia Bhatt

3He taught us that it’s okay to gorge into yummy treats and not fuss!

Arjun Kapoor is a foodie and and not fuss about it

4There is always a way to burn it off!

Fubbu working out

5The way he dances! Bindaas!

Fubbu bindass dancing skills

6The variety of roles he essays!

Bollywood actor fubbu Versatile actor

7The way he cheats his way into our hearts!

Bollywood Actor Fubbu

8And the way he makes us feel every time he is on screen!

Arjun Kapoor in Gunday

9How cute he looks when he goofs up!

Bollywood Actor Fubbu with his cute expressions

10Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh gave us Bromance Goals!

Gunday movie Bromance

11Once again, Happy Birthday Arjun Kapoor! You are a Rockstar!

Coffe WIth karan bromance Ranveer Singh

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