This Girl’s Poetry Slam On Periods Will Make Every Woman Feel Proud!

They say a nation progresses when its people start asking the right questions. That’s what the women are doing in our country. Good sign, right? This girl’s Poetry Slam On Periods voices every woman’s feelings during those five days of her periods ever month. “I am down” is the phrase that is commonly used when women are menstruating. This Poetry Slam On Periods asks you to ditch and say that you are NOT down. She has written it beautifully and her poetry is taking over the internet currently. She has questioned every practice and decisions that the society makes for menstruating women in this breath taking Poetry Slam. Periods are a sign of womanhood and the ability to birth a child; therefore it must be celebrated rather than making women feel dirty and impure.

It is a living example on how times have changed and women are questioning every rule that’s against them. In India, menstruation is still a big taboo. from not being allowed to touch pickle jars (don’t know the logic!) to being asked to eat alone and from not being allowed to enter the temple to being asked to not touch anyone everything has be used to make women feel guilty about something they aren’t at fault at. The poetry slam questions all these practices and asks women to own their womanhood without feeling ashamed. This is a gift and not a curse as has been projected and practiced by the society over the years for unknown reasons.

We all have had this discussion several times, but this Poetry Slam On Periods just came about as a breath of fresh air placing its spotlight on the burning questions that women have today. Worth a watch!


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