Game of Thrones Characters as Disney Cartoons


People and their creativity never cease to amuse us. Take this case for example; have you ever imagined Game of Thrones characters as cute Disney cartoons? It’s not possible, right? Almost every character has so many layers and doesn’t really signify a certain, definite shade of human nature. there is no way we can imagine Ned Stark, Khaleesi or even worse Cerci Lannister to be cute! They are anything, but cute! It would probably be a strange thing to look at honestly. This is that one article to satiate your quest for something new that is associated with Game of Thrones. The world is already going bonkers each day with game of Thrones season 5, as if this wasn’t enough, the internet is booming with absolutely fantastic Game of Thrones artworks every day. And then once in a while we come across something as intriguing as this and we just cannot hold ourselves from posting it. The best part is that these Game of Thrones cartoons look like the ones from the series except that these are extremely cute. There is a certain innocence latched to them which is inherently missing in the series. You won’t see the characters in their usual stern and serious expressions but rather in very relaxed, smiling faces. Some of these are extremely adorable.

Well the season 5 of Game of Thrones continues to mystify things and amuse us; providing jitters from time to time, these cartoons bring in a sense of joy and surprise which, let’s face is, is a rare feeling exulted through the characters in the series. Unless of course you are thinking of Joffrey’s death; that was a moment of joy for everyone. The trademark Disney colour combinations and look are used here. They may remind you of Disney characters and yet keep reminding you of Game of Thrones. Have a look and pick out your favourite. We love all!

Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones Characters in cartoon

Melisandre - Game of Thrones Characters in cartoon

Game of Thrones Characters in cartoon

Lord Varys - Game of Thrones Characters in cartoon

Game of Thrones in walt disney cartoons

Arya Stark in walt disney cartoons

Jaime Lannister in walt disney cartoons

Oberyn & The Mountain- in walt disney Cartoons

Tyrion Lannister in walt Disney cartoons

Game of Thrones Characters as Disney Cartoons

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