Robb Stark Legitimized Jon Snow Before Dying


This is insane! This is going to take a lot of time to sink in *breathes heavily*. If reports by Business Insider are anything to go by, Robb Stark legitimized Jon Snow before dying. The episode hasn’t aired yet, but there are chances we might get to see some of the glimpses in the upcoming season.

Jon Snow’s assumed death in the last episode of Season 5 broke too many hearts and lead to an outrage by fans world over.

Jon Snow Dead

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There have been too many rumours ever since that Snow will rise as a Stark and lead the army for an epic battle against the Boltons to regain Winterfell.

Jon Snow sword Fight

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In the book, Robb Stark, king of the North, thought it wise to designate an heir after him. All of this happened before he was brutally killed in the Red Wedding massacre with his expecting wife and mother.

Lady Stark DeadRobb Stark Dead

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In spite of the distance between Lady Stark and Jon Snow, it was quite evident that Robb and Jon had no differences with each other. In the book he had expressed the desire to legitimize his brother. Against the advice of his mother, Robb calls for a small council meeting and discloses the person next in line for kingship.

Robb Stark bid Farewell to Jon snow

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The only thing that could come between Robb’s perfect plans was Jon’s attachment to the Night’s Watch. That was resolved well in the book. In the series, we assume that the road is clear now given that he was assaulted by his ‘brothers’ which has freed him from all the rules and ties.

Night's Watch - Game of Thrones

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Wayman Manderly is the character that holds the documents to the legalization of Jon Snow as the heir to Winterfell. He is set to make his entry in the series this season. We still don’t know who plays that character.

As far as TV is concerned, remember the lady who told Sansa Stark that “The North Remembers”? It just goes out to show how the people of the North have not forgotten how the Boltons and Freys betrayed them.

Sansa Stark Game of Thrones

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And the note shown by Stannis Baratheon to Jon Snow that read,

“Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North, whose name is Stark.”

Stannis baratheon Game of thrones

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The crucial final question to this issue is how can he survive if he has been stabbed multiple times? The answer is in Castle Black; Lady Melisandre! Remember how she returned to castle Black soon after Stannis Baratheon lost the battle? And she knows how to resurrect people. Given the fact that she is in the Castle when the attacked happened gives a big jolt of hope to fans.

Red Woman GOT

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Last but not the least, fan site reported that Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was seen leading a Northern Army against Ramsay Bolton. The battle will be shown in Episode 9 of Season 6 that will premiere on April 24th.


If Robb Stark legitimized Jon Snow before dying indeed, Season 6 is going to be fucking awesome!

We don’t care about Winter, Jon Snow is coming!

*Does the mad dance*

Jon Snow is coming

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