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7 Things Piku Taught Us

Piku Taught Us
Piku Taught Us

 Piku Taught Us

We are assuming most of you have watched Piku (if you haven’t, go now!). It seems like a film based on a father-daughter relationship but actually runs way deeper than that. It teaches you a couple of things that will give you a broader outlook on life and how it must be lived. Piku manages to break a lot of preconceived mindsets very subtly without going overboard or sounding preachy at any point. There was a time in Bollywood when a father-daughter relationship wasn’t explored and presented on screen at this length. Things have surely changed for the better now. Here are a couple of things that Piku taught us.


1Get Over the “My son can take care of me” business

Piku Taught Us daughters can equally take care

Source : IndiaGlitz

Time and again it has been proved that daughters can and have taken care of their parents as well. Nothing against men, but what’s this whole daughters can’t do it business.


2 A woman isn’t “born to get married”

Piku Taught Us women aren't born to get married

Source : Indian Express

Marriage is not the ultimate dream of every woman. It’s not supposed to define her and her choices. Plus, the whole thing that Mr. Bachchan talks about in the film; ambition is important for every woman.


3 Giving up your dreams after your marriage isn’t cool

Piku Taught Us don't give up your dreams after marriage

Source : IBN

The film only talked about women in this context, but it applies to both. Always chase your dreams, don’t allow marriage to end them.


4 Build your own identity

Piku Taught Us build your own identity

Source : Business of Cinema

This is extremely important! If a woman cannot build her own identity and is only going to be confined within the roles she plays at home, it’s not going to work for her.


5 Sexual Liberty/Pre-Marital Sex is not a Big Deal

Piku Taught Us Pre-Marital Sex is not a Big Deal

Source : FilmiBeat

We seriously need to get over this one!


 6 Parents can be/are selfish

Piku Taught Us Parents can be selfish

Source : NDTV

And it’s okay! Aren’t we all humans?


7 Never give up on your parents
Piku Taught Us Never give up on your parents

Source : UttarakhandForYou

No matter how cranky old age makes them, one just doesn’t walk away like that. Imagine if our parents did the same when we were kids!

Kudos to the team for making such a brilliant film! Liked it? Share it!

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