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10 Issues Only Organized People will Understand

Issues Only Organized People will Understand
Organized People

Organized People 


People appreciate you, your cleanliness and hold you up as an example, but it isn’t always that easy, is it? The compulsion to organize things and keep everything clean is so over you; even the slightest stain on the napkin and the minutest change in arrangements set you off on a crazy, angry trip. Being organized has its pros and cons and you know that too well. Here are a couple of cons only organized people will understand.


You can’t leave for work without cleaning/organizing your place
Organized People can’t leave for work without cleaning

If you ever do, it keeps coming back to you all day at work. Even if you are ridiculously late, you will always organize things in the morning.

You end up organizing your friend’s place as well

Organized People end up organizing your friend’s place

The bug has bitten you so hard that you just cannot tolerate your friend’s ugly closet and room and end up doing it for them. EVERYTIME!

You detest “unclean” “unorganized” people

Organized People detest “unclean” “unorganized” people

That’s the reason you have few friends. Either they have to be organized or let you take over. Otherwise, they LEAVE!

You Keep Calculating Hours all the time

 Organized People Keep Calculating Hours

How long will it take to organize the wardrobe, then clean the dishes, then do the laundry. It’s always there in your head.

You hate yourself when you goof up

Organized People  hate themselves when they goof up

You are extremely strict with yourself, a hard task master. You hate it when you cannot finish cleaning up things and never go easy on yourself.

Even when someone else cleans, you are the same

Organized People

Even when you know that someone will clean up, you still manage to keep the room as neat as possible. Also at a hotel, you select a room that has a particular type of a bed, closet etc.

You are loaded with Sanitizers

Organized People  are loaded with Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers, wet paper towels, disinfectants, name them and you have it all.

Friends call you “Monica (from F.R.I.E.N.D.S)”, “Crazy”, “Dominating”

Monica Crazy Dominating

And you don’t care because you feel you have better habits than them.

You Feel People misunderstand you

Organized People are always misunderstood

Every time you clean something at your place or at a friend’s place, people think you are showing off, or that you are too uptight. It’s just that you are a good person with an innate need to clean stuff.

If someone wants to help, it has to be YOUR WAY

Monica geller Season 1

The vase has to be just where it was, because from there the soft sunshine can glow on the flower petals and the design on the vase shines oddly that matches your room’s ambience. No, No it cannot sit anywhere else in the room except there!


Being organized has its own issues, doesn’t it?


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