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9 Posters That Mock The Indian Blind Beliefs

Indian Blind Beliefs
Indian Blind Beliefs

Indian Blind Beliefs


No matter how much we dare or brag of being progressive as a nation, there are certain Indian Blind Beliefs that are an inherent part of our culture. Some of these are to instill fear or to maintain the age old tradition and some are outright witless. The Minimalist came up with 9 smart posters that project the Indian Blind Beliefs in their true light.

It’s a critique on the way we conduct ourselves in this modern age. It’s not mocking our system, it’s mocking our beliefs and the lack of logic in them. In stead of working hard and ensuring success, we often blame it on fate and may be a black cat when we aren’t able to achieve what we set out for. The images are an eye-opener and asks us to leave aside our age old beliefs and focus on progress that is free from all blind faiths. Several people have suffered because we believe in a particular logic-less system. It’s high time we get past those.

Have a look!


1That feeling every Indian woman is given when she is menstruating.

Indian Blind Beliefs posters

2That time when you are scolded for cutting your nails at night. What is the logic here?

Indian Blind Beliefs posters

3Chickens are always happy on Tuesdays in India.

Indian Blind Beliefs posters

4Our disregard for the law and our fear of black cats!

Indian Blind Beliefs posters

5This is absolutely insane!

Superstition blind beliefs in India

6And the obsession and avoidance of the number 13

Superstition blind beliefs in India

7Films are partially at fault for this one.

Blind beliefs in Indian Culture

8There is a possibility people will start using this for every singly occasion of their lives!

Superstitions & Blind Beliefs in India

9And how standing below a Peepal and a Banyan tree is the last thing you want to do!

Most Common Superstitious Beliefs in India

If you know of any more Indian Blind Beliefs share in comments.

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