Steve Jobs Trailer is the Best thing you will watch Today!

What a way to come back Hollywood after the disaster named “Jobs”. Steve Jobs Trailer is going to take your breath away for all the right reasons. The background covers the three iconic product launches that ended in 1998 with the launch of iMac, Steve Jobs Trailer gives us a glimpse of the movie that is based on the behind the scenes digital revolution of the iconic man who changed the way we look at technology forever! Steve Jobs Trailer doesn’t reveal much and yet explains enough on how much research, hard work and creativity has gone into making this film that releases in October this year. Legendary actor Michael Fassbender plays Steve Jobs while the brilliant Oscar winner Kate Winslet plays Joanna Hoffman, former marketing chief of Macintosh. Steve Jobs is directed by Oscar winner Danny Boyle and written by Aaron Sorkin. No doubt the subject is intriguing, but even such subject can fall flat on the face if they don’t have the right storytellers and actors to do justice to it. With a cast like this one, we aren’t worried about the fate of the film at any given point. Steve Jobs trailer opens with voices and opinions and then the lead characters are introduced. A lot of effort has been put in the actor’s looks to generate maximum effects. Steve Jobs has inspired million with his digital revolution, here is a chance to reach the peak of that inspiration by watching his story unfold on screen. The internet has already gone bonkers at the every mention of this film and the trailer is shared across all social media platforms as if there is no tomorrow. Steve Jobs Trailer is definitely the best thing you will watch today. This one has to be set on repeat now! Have a look!


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