Home News Girl Beats Up A Man In UP Police Station For Harassment

Girl Beats Up A Man In UP Police Station For Harassment

Girl Beats Up A Man
Girl Beats Up A Man

Girl Beats Up A Man In UP Police Station For Harassment


This video has taken over the internet in the past 24 hours like wild fire. A brave Girl Beats Up A Man in the Uttar Pradesh police station on the 6th of July and teaches him a big lesson for harassing her and passing lewd comments every single day. The aggression and the hatred with which she beat him up doesn’t only help vent her frustration, but also the frustration of several other women across the country who are going through the same kind of abusive behaviour by stalkers every single day. The strange part is while she did that; the police didn’t stop her! While some feel that it was to help take her revenge; the other half feels it’s against the law to allow somebody to do that within the police station premises. The video went viral after it was uploaded on the 6th of July on a popular video channel.

The video has been appreciated and criticized at the same time. Appreciated for the kind of lesson the girl taught to her stalker. It’s criticized because the police allowed the girl to take the law in her hands which is against the laws of our country. The video instantly went viral when it was uploaded by a popular news media’s website. Women and men have been sharing the video rigorously and strongly supporting the girl. It’s one of those times when a message has gone out in the open that girls won’t keep quiet and tolerate now. From a time when videos of men abusing women used to go viral, we are now heading towards videos where women have answered back and how!

Girl Beats Up A Man in the police station has been the buzz word since then.

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Cover image source: NDTV.com

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