Shah Rukh Khan’s Charisma Reaches Epitome In Fan Teaser

Yes, we know that it’s going to release in April next year, but Shah Rukh Khan can never disappoint nor keep his fans waiting for that long. YRF channel released Fan Teaser some time ago and here’s where you can have a look at it exclusively. Fan Teaser doesn’t give away anything n terms of the story, but definitely celebrates Shah Rukh Khan as the actor followed and celebrated by the common men. There are shots from his documentary that was released years back and the actor gained a lot of love and praise for it. The shots show what Shah Rukh Khan means to his fans and how he has touched their lives.

There has been so much going around with Shah Rukh Khan it’s difficult to keep a track. First was Raees and now fan. Although his films are slotted to release next year, the buzz around his films is greater than what it is for films releasing this year. Fan is the story of every man and woman who has adored Shah Rukh Khan and dreamt of standing next to him some day. It’s the heart warming story of a man who only wanted to meet Shah Rukh Khan once in his life. We have often heard touching fan stories from stars, but now we will get to watch one on screen. Gossips and reports on the rest of the cast keeps varying from day to day so we aren’t really sure of any of those. All we know is that if this films creates magic on screen it could redeem the Bollywood career of Illeana.

Fan Teaser seemed more like a build up to ease us into understanding the superstar Shah Rukh is and boy! It works! Fan Teaser is gift by YRF and Shah Rukh to all his fans.


Source : YRF


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