Amazingly Creative Selfies


Most of us are worn out of ideas for selfies by this time. Oscars did give us an idea to take one with the group and netizens didn’t take seconds before naming it “groupie”. Creative selfies are rare and therefore appreciated a lot. Most of us are now rather embarrassed by the kind of selfies people take and don’t even get us talking about the locations for some of these. Mirrosme, pleasantly surprised us! The selfies taken by this beautiful lady are so creative, we craved for more. Just when we thought that selfies are just an everyday thing now and there is a dearth of creative selfies around; she popped up! The Norwegian woman draws on her bathroom mirror before taking a snap and it’s beyond awesome! They are cool, hilarious, cute, and adorable; all in all extremely creative selfies! It just shows us that there are probably several like her out there who can reinterpret trends and present them like never before.

You may not want to copy her exact pattern, but we are sure that her “selfie style” can inspire you to create your own. After all, when everyone’s doing the same thing, you need to stand out right? Social Media today is witnessing some of the most creative projects ever seen and this one surely makes it to the list. Her followers are enough proof to support this argument.

Have a look! You can thank us later 😉

1Geenie in a Phone


2Brush Your Teeth Everyday


3Batman and Joker Roomies


4Magic woman


5Our sleeps are made of dreams


6Shoo! Bear!


7Swag thug life


8I forgot something upstairs


9My Pink Helicopter


10Sherlock in the making


11Pippi Longstocking


12A happy castle


13Cupid struck


14Shake my hand

15Lose all that fat


16Peek-a-boo Cupcake


17She loves her fans

She does inspire all for creative selfies, isn’t it?

All images sourced from Mirrosme

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