Beauty Tips By Reshma Gives Us The Most Crucial Message Today

Acne or one little scar on the face and it is hell for all of us. Have you ever imagined how would it be for all the acid attack survivors who have to look at their destroyed faces every single day? Beauty tips by Reshma is one of the most moving videos we saw today. Even while you are reading this don’t forget that acid is still easily available in the Indian markets just like lipsticks. Don’t you think it’s high time the government banned its sales so openly?

The video is an eye-opener for every Indian. Just because we don’t know an acid attack victim in person, we choose not to focus on it. Then there are some of us who don’t want to confront the issue at all and ignore it. Ignoring it, has resulted into more aggressive attacks. Unfortuantely there are some of us who compare acid attacks with rape and focus on the later much more. What we need to understand is that both the cases are examples of extreme violence that must not be compared. Both ruin a woman’s life and are barbaric actions. Comparing one with another is shockingly insensitive. A crime must be judged based on the action and not in comparison to another crime. Beauty tips by Reshma gives you goosebumps not just because of what acid attack victims go through, but also because of how there is an immense possibility of someone else ruining a woman’s life. The rate at which acid is freely available in Indian markets, it gives you a live, threatening picture of what more could happen to women for no fault on their side.

Beauty tips by Reshma will give you the steps to the most perfect red lips with a very crucial message that we need to take very seriously!


Source: Make Love Not Scars

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