AIB Is Back With Save The Internet 2; We Have 24 Hours Make It Happen

In case you thought your mail to TRAI has got the netizens to save the internet, you are majorly wrong. AIB tells you in a brilliant informative video how the battle to save the internet is still on and it has got way more complicated than what most of us thought. AIB has taken the responsibility again and have broken down every complicated issue in the most simplistic form to show us how we still need to save the internet. From mobile companies to Facebook everyone’s trying to bog us down and that’s why we need to push ourselves and act NOW! Watch the video and post a comment on now.

Thanks to TRAI our email ids are all over the internet today giving spammers an added reason to bother us. This has dampened the spirit of several netizens who wanted to speak up for their rights. Now that their privacy is out in the open with practically anyone having the liberty to use/misuse their email id; several have now refrained from voicing their opinion for saving the internet. But this particular step needs to be taken before it’s too late and we are left cheated every time we get a recharge done. If you have had any confusions about what is the entire fight for free internet about, we suggest you have a look at AIB videos before this one too. This is something that all of us need to take seriously in India and stop allowing anyone to abuse our rights. And don’t just watch the video and post a comment on the link given above, share this video, that will help all of us.

AIB thank you for doing this again!


Source: All India Bakchod

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