St. Xavier’s College Culfest “Goonj 2016”


And the season of Culfests is back in the city. St. Xavier’s college Culfest has always been a topic of a lot of anticipation and curiosity. Today, we visited their much talked about fest “Goonj” and we must say we were bowled over. The set-up, the colours, the energy, it was all so infectious! Lucky for us, it was their inter-department dance competition in the afternoon and boy! What a show!

St. Xavier’s College Culfest “Goonj 2016”

And it isn’t even like the competition takes place in one spot. You can walk around the length and breadth of the college and you will find a competition in every nook and corner. Organized exclusively by the students of the esteemed college every year, St. Xavier’s College Culfest “Goonj 2016” is worth every second of your time.

Goonj 2016
One of the Groups That performed

How can it just be about the show if it is the Culfest? These guys celebrate days and the first day’s theme was “Mismatch”. It was so refreshing to see so many colours and smart team ups of shorts with formal shirts on the campus! There are also some food stalls that serve some lip smacking, delicious food. From pizza to dosas, it is all out there at St. Xavier’s this year. Pani puri is the clear winner this time around.

One of the most interesting and exciting parts of this college’s culfest are the canteen walls. Every year, St. Xavier’s college students paint the canteen walls and the art work is to die for. This year saw similar flashes of superheroes and bands adoring the walls. It has been done so beautifully, one cannot help but keep gawking at it!

St. Xavier’s College Culfest “Goonj 2016”

All in all Day 1 of St. Xavier’s College Culfest “Goonj 2016” was worth our time. Day 2 and 3 will see the college hosting participants from several colleges in the city for an array of competitions.

Stay tuned for all the updates!

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