Steve Jobs Official Trailer Is A Celebration Of The Art Of Storytelling

It’s sublime, it’s well paced and it’s Epic! Steve Jobs Official Trailer promises you of the kind of cinema we rarely get to witness every day. Most of us started talking about it the moment the teaser was out, but the trailer has just raised our expectations notches higher. It’s never easy to tie the story of a man like Steve Jobs within 2 hours and yet there is such precision and honesty in the story and the performances (based on what we assume from the trailer) of the actors; you know it’s going to grab every Oscar trophy sitting pretty out there. Steve Jobs Official Trailer excites, thrills, gives jitters and then invites you to celebrate the life of a man who changed the face of technology forever. This trailer is going to be watched on repeat or at least once a day until October 9th arrives. Missing this is a sin! Utilize that Macbook to watch the story of its father!


Source: Universal Pictures

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