Crazy English Words


Language evolves and we evolve with it. We may feel like we have an extensive vocabulary, but there’s a lot out there that we don’t know or haven’t learnt. These crazy English words are some of the most potent examples of how we probably only know a drop of the vast ocean of language. The spellings and pronunciations of these crazy English words are so unique; we were befuddled for a long time initially. It’s not something that we come across every day. We won’t blame you if you look at these words and think that we are “lollygagging” with your head.

Believe us, Google these words if you have even an iota of a doubt. You will know that such words do actually exist. As far as the usage of these words is concerned, it’s extremely easy. They may seem like words that may never make their way into your every day conversations, but actually they can. Most of us are using very mediocre versions of these words.

The crazy English words are a treat to every English fan and fanatic. For the benefit of everyone, the images also include the meanings of these crazy English words so that it’s easier to use them. The brilliant research and images are created by It’s one of the best articles we have come across lately. Social media is usually used to uselessly probe into someone’s personal life or upload images. It’s uncommon to scroll articles that are quite informative and fun at the same time. We guarantee that these crazy English words will add a new depth and richness to your language skills. They can and must be introduced in schools and colleges as well. Have a look, they are insanely awesome!

Words Like Diphthong Crazy English Words Like Brouhaha Crazy English Words Like Bumfuzzled Crazy English Words Like Cattywampus Taradiddle Weirds English words like widdershins Weirds English words like snickersnee Tought Words Like Malarkey Lollygag Crazy english Words Tough Words like Flibbertigibbet Crazy English Words Like collywobbles Crazy English Words Like Billingsgate

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