Stop Saying He Lost The Battle! Not To Us! David Bowie Is Moving The Internet To Tears With His Last Composition Lazarus

What is up with everyone saying David Bowie lost the battle with cancer! I don’t believe that! I am a cancer survivor myself. Am I denying the battle is difficult? Not by a bit! All I am saying is that if an individual manages to fight a battle even for a minute with cancer, s/he is not the one who lost. There are certain battles that are beyond winning and losing for God’s sake! Bringing it down to that kind of a meaning and labelling a patient’s every effort to recover as a “lost” one is not exactly paying respect. Yes, he passed away. It feels empty. It is much more difficult for somebody like me because I can imagine what David Bowie must have been through. What he must have felt like in his last seconds. But hell, that guy gave me intense inspiration all packed in his last composition Lazarus.

Have you heard it? If you have, you will never use the phrase that, “He lost the fight.” Of course, for someone who wants to see the negative in it will always find a way to do so. But to me, Lazarus is beautiful. He is right up there in heaven, watching over and smiling. Even for somebody who may not have known the chap at all, one look at Lazarus should do the trick. It is the perfect example of why he deserves all the love and respect he is getting today. He is our hero and will always be. Let’s not insult his memory by calling his struggle a “lost battle”. He won the moment he put up the beautiful Lazarus. It is bold, emotional and just pure no matter how one interprets it.

Thank you for this David Bowie, you will always be remembered!


Source: DavidBowieVEVO

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