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The event management industry has seen a marked rise in India in the last few years. To a time when our parents and relatives would manage every minute detail of the occasion; event managers have now taken over every responsibility. It hasn’t been easy for any event manager to explain the logistics of the occasion to a family and take it forward. But finally now, Indian families are warming up to these magic heroes who manage everything from a hair pin to champagne for your special day. This was until people started asking some of the most ridiculous questions to an event manager and ruined things. If you ever feel that it isn’t too difficult to manage/create an event; you need to read this. Also, if you have ever asked any of these annoying questions to your event manager, you really need to reconsider asking any of these ever again!


1Is this a full-time job or do you do something else with this?

Event Manager

The most annoying one! No wonder how much this industry may progress, people still find it difficult to digest that this could be a real job! Hell it is! Stop asking!

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2We can do this without your help too. We know it doesn’t cost this much. Why are you charging that much?

Dont irritate Event Manager

One sentence, if you can do it; do it!

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3Could you ask someone from your team to check if the toilets are clean and if there is someone to serve the guests?

Dont Piss event Mangers with Weird questions

Believe it or not this is asked often. No, I won’t do that! My team is here to manage the event! We are not your toilet cleaners or host/hostesses. Get your facts right!

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4You don’t really need an education to do events, right?

Education for becoming Event manager

Excuse me! There is a course for this! Moreover we learn from our practical experiences unlike most of the nation’s youth that thrives on theory!

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5You will get a free meal, why do you need the money?

Free Meal for Event Mangers

I wonder if that’s what your boss does to you as well.

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6You guys just create all these events and fill your pockets with our money. Why must we trust you?

Fake Event Managers

Okay. We agree that there are too many hoaxes in the market. But not everyone is the same. Plus why don’t you research and find out the genuine one for yourself? Stop branding the entire industry!

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7Cancelling a portion of the décor or other sections at the last minute and then saying,
“You keep doing this stuff everywhere. We are sure you will utilize it for some other event. Won’t you?”

Event manager rage is Cancelling a portion of the décor

No. That is not how it works! There is a different layout and design for every event that I take. I cannot be forcing one design into the other. How would you feel if I used some other event’s leftovers for your event?

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8“There is going to be another wedding in our family soon and we will contact you only. Can’t you give us the Platinum package and charge for gold? Come on! We are promising to give you another project!”

Pay else to event companies


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9“That other client of yours is my friend. She told me you charge an X amount, but you are charging more. Why?”

Dont Judge Us

That client approached us three years back! Heard about inflation?

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10My relatives and nephews will be around to help you. Don’t get your entire team. That will bring down the cost, won’t it?

Surat Is The Best City for business

One question, what does mamaji ka beta knows about light and sound?

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If you are an event manager and reading this, let us know what questions annoy you the most that we might have missed out here.

For the rest of you, share and tag your friends from the event industry!

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