Angry Birds Official Movie Trailer Is Winning The Internet

We have all loved it and played the game over a zillion times. Angry birds revolutionalized video games in the modern age and took it to the next level. Now, there is a movie on the popular video game (does a hysteric dance). Angry Birds official movie trailer is going to remind you of every time you played the popular game during class, in a journey when you were bored or just because you wanted “3 stars”. Angry Birds Official Movie trailer introduces RED (our darling plump little “red bird”), the bird that is now the face of the game, believe us you will fall in love with it the moment you look at it.

The coming summer is going to be a treat for every kid who loved playing this game and went around buying everything that had “Angry Birds” written on it! It’s not only the RED bird though; angry birds official movie trailer brings to life every bird from the game. So there is RED, Yellow, BLACK (the bomb) and the little BLUE! The trailer takes an interesting turn the moment pigs are introduced into the happy world of the birds and then everything goes for a toss.

We always use the birds to kill the pigs, but what is the life of these birds? The movie seems to be exploring the everyday hassles of these cuties in real time. It’s another thing to watch Red go all angry and plump. Most of us didn’t even have an idea that a film like this one was in the pipeline. It just took us by surprise when we saw angry birds official movie trailer trending on all social media platforms. This has got to be the best surprise ever! Book your dates for summer next year; Angry Birds are coming to entertain, love and make us laugh out loud! Missing this one is a sin!

P.S: get your kids to watch the trailer. They will love it!


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