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India’s 8 Beautiful Beaches That Are Not in Goa

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India’s 8 Beautiful Beaches That Are Not in Goa


It’s typical of Indians to think of Goa every time someone utters the world beach. But, believe us there beaches that are as pretty as the beaches of Goa and some even much more! The issue with Goa is that it’s always crowded and extremely overdone. These 8 beaches from other parts of India will not only make you forget Goa, but promise to offer you the peace and tranquility that Goan beaches miss today. We aren’t saying that Goa is bad (we are not crazy!). All we are asking you to do is to go beyond it and have a look at these several other beaches that are ready to serve you. Read this, look at the images and we are sure that your attitude towards Indian beaches will change within minutes. Also, check out how pretty they look when they are clean! Deep message, Do NOT litter beaches!


Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Beautiful Beaches at Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Photo Credit: Hrishikesh Karambelkar

It has been awarded the “Best Beach in Asia” and we agree. This Indian beach has the perfect blend of beauty and tranquility. The white sands and the blue waters make a breath taking portrait and glorify this beach’s beauty!

Tarkarli Beach, Malvan

Beautiful Beaches at Tarkarli Beach, Malvan

Photo Credit: Travel.AllWomensTalk

If you stay in Maharashtra, you don’t need to go all the way to Goa. This serene beauty is close by. The beach is perfect for a summer holiday and is the most famous for its clean waters. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Varkala Beach, Kerala

Beautiful Beaches at Varkala Beach, Kerala

Photo Credit: Alexsukonkin

This beach gives a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea over a long stretch. It is also believed that the waters of the beach have medicinal properties and therefore it is very popular for swimming and sun bathing.

Bangaram Island Beach, Lakshwadeep

Beautiful Beaches at Bangaram Island Beach, Lakshwadeep

Photo Credit: IndianMirror

This is what heaven looks like, isn’t it? The blue, the greenery around and the peace will make you pack your bags leave for this beautiful place and never return to city life again! This beach has a stunning view and from diving to fishing, it caters to all enthusiasts. Heaven, is here ladies and gentlemen!

Mandarmani Beach, Kolkata

Beautiful Beaches at Mandarmani Beach, Kolkata

Photo Credit: Denzong Leisure

Located at a village, this beach is 15kms long. It is peaceful and absolutely pollution free. Its surroundings make it all the more lovable and fresh. Also, since it’s Kolkata, be ready to have the best fish dishes ever!

Puri Beach, Odisha

Beautiful Beaches at Puri Beach, Odisha

Photo Credit: AnanyaResorts

If you are look for peace, this Indian beach is where you must be. The sun, the cool sand and the silent waters make this beach extremely popular among tourists in the country. Worth a try!

Marari Beach, Kerala

Beautiful Beaches at Marari Beach, Kerala

Photo Credit: Manic Mande

India’s Kerala is not only home to back waters but also beautiful beaches. This less explored beach is one of them. Go for a walk there with your partner and see romance blooming from all directions. It’s also a great place for fishing and surfing.

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Beautiful Beaches at Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Photo Credit: Mehul Antani

This has been Kerala’s most popular beach for years. If you love Goa’s beach parties along with the sand and waters, try this place. It’s buzzing with people during its season and has lots to offer.


So, you see, India is home to fantastic beaches, including Goa!

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