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Salman Khan Convicted for 5 years in the 2002 Hit and Run Case

Salman Khan
Salman Khan convicted for 5 years

Salman Khan Convicted for 5 years in the 2002 Hit and Run Case

This was going to happen, wasn’t it? Justice is served said many while most cried in agony as Salman Khan was found guilty of all charges in the infamous 2002 hit and run case and sentenced to 5 years in jail today, 6th May, 2015. An estimated 300 crores are on Salman Khan’s back for his next couple of films that were set to release this year. The case went on for 12 years when today finally the court passed the judgement against him. Bollywood has taken to Twitter to express their grief and support for Salman Khan after this verdict. It is said that Salman listened to the verdict with tears in his eyes. His lawyer tried hard to bring in the “social causes” Salman Khan has fought for and supported all these years. Fans have come out in the open and detested this verdict and bad mouthed the court for this verdict. Social activists and several others are extremely happy on the other hand and are saying that the court has proved that Nobody is above the Law and Rich Brats cannot drive recklessly, kill people and then use their money to cover up. There is only a black and white in this case and no shade of gray. How long are his loyalists going to stick to him in this testing period; only time will tell? After Sanjay Dutt’s conviction this is the other bigger decision by the court. But the amount of discussions and debates Salman Khan is going to dominate for the next few days is going to speak volumes about the shock, anger and happiness among several people in this country.

This is probably the biggest learning lesson for the people associated with glamour, money and power!

We do have a feeling though that the superstar may be able to find his way out of this muck sooner than soon. Of what we ahve heard for now; he is going to apply for bail. If he does get the bail, he can keep delaying the sentence for as long as he wants. Let’s see where things go and whether the actor does find himself behind bars by the end of this year or not. If not, it’s going to be a classic example of how power and money can influence several things. Good Luck Salman Khan, that’s all we have to say for now!

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