Home News Jay Z’s music service “Tidal” relaunches today.

Jay Z’s music service “Tidal” relaunches today.

Jayz Tidal music service
lossless music streaming and its called Tidal

Jay Z’s music service “Tidal” relaunches today.

Jay Z is gearing up for an official launch of a high-definition music streaming service under the new ownership later today named “Tidal” which the rapper has acquired. The streaming service is aiming at the new releases by several hot names of the industry at present including Madonna, Beyonce, Kanye West, Arcade Fire and Daft Punk ahead of competitors such as Beats and Spotify, some of whom have also been using the hashtag #TIDALforALL on Instagram and Twitter supporting the service for a change in the industry.

The company is going to announce the first few big-names whose music would be streamed solely on “Tidal” at a press conference today late in the evening. Breakit a Swedish blog reports that Tidal would get first releases of tracks from the artists even before Deezer, Spotify and others get. Which means that Tidal would have the tracks exclusively for some period of time.

Tidal is now becoming a one-stop music distribution shop as it is also offering a further striking set of relations to these musicians compared to the other streaming services. Roc Nation agency is another reason for all this too, as it is an agency which works with an extensive list of artists providing them with label, management, publishing, and other services too. It is therefore no wonder that tidal enjoys this kind of a buzz and popularity on social media and otherwise. It’s the kind of music revolution that every individual wants to be a part of.

Here are few of the top tier musicians who showed their support on Twitter for Tidal

and here are few others who didn’t tweet but changed their profile photo to blue color. 

Jay-z Tidal

So we are here waiting for the today’s late night press conference to know what’s up cooking with Jay Z and his plans for Tidal.

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