Harry Potter Indian Music Tribute
Harry Potter Indian Music Tribute

Harry Potter Indian Music Tribute 


The story of the “boy who lived” may have ended, but the buzz around it and the love pouring for it from all over the world even today stands witness to why the Harry Potter Series dominated our generation. This Harry Potter Indian music tribute is yet another product of the eternal love for the boy and his friends.

Background music has played a crucial role in Harry Potter films. Even if someone wakes you up from your sleep and gets you to hear it, you won’t take beyond a second to answer that it’s Harry Potter. The Harry Potter Indian music tribute is making all Indian “Potterheads” smile today for all the right reasons. The best part is that the music has been re-created using Indian instruments. It goes out to show how music binds people across boundaries. Music lives in the soul of every instrument and therefore it can be recreated.

The Harry Potter Indian music tribute surfaced on social media after several popular websites put it up and praised it for the brilliant, heartfelt version of the original. There are tablas, a flute, a violin, a keyboard and several other instruments all brought together to create this one masterpiece.

Harry Potter Indian Music Tribute stands as an expression of love for J.K Rowling and the entire cast and crew of the Potter series from every Indian Potterhead. This isn’t something you can ignore or do away with. You need to listen to it to understand why it is so beautiful and soulful.

It begins on a slow pace and catches speed as it progresses. The video was published by Tushar Lall, the founder of Indian Jam Project. It has gained tremendous views already and we are expecting it to grow by the second.

Just sit, play this Harry Potter Indian Music tribute, close your eyes and let the magic unfold!


Source: Tushar Lall

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