Aamir Khan Responded To Sunny Leone


You might have been out of the loop but Aamir Khan responded to Sunny Leone is trending on Twitter. After Sunny Leone’s viral and cringeworthy interview with Bhupendra Chaubey, she has been the talking about for her grace and dignity with which she tackled the disgusting questions. Not only were the common people in support of her, several from the industry stood up for her and expressed their disgust at the interviewer’s sexist approach.

Things already started looking good for Sunny with everyone supporting her for taking every question head on and answering them wittily. Her moment of glory came when Aamir Khan tweeted her and appreciated her spirit. One of the questions in the interview was,

Would you like to work with Aamir Khan?”

To this Sunny replied with an ecstatic “Yes!” which was immediately brought down by the interviewer.

“You would like to work with Aamir Khan, but would he want to work with you?” he probed further.

To this Sunny had replied with a “probably not.” But Aamir Khan responded to Sunny Leone via Facebook and Twitter and made her day. Here is what he said.



This was Sunny’s lucky day. She Retweeted and replied to the superstar immediately.


Not only this, the who’s who of the industry Tweeted her with their support.

Shahid Kapoor


Farah Khan


Vidya Balan


Genelia Deshmukh


Radhika Apte


Arjun Kapoor


There are several more who stood up for her. Not only Aamir Khan the entire industry stood by her like rocks. On the other hand, there isn’t a single tweet on Bhupendra Chaubey’s Twitter profile about the interview. May be he is busy deleting every tweet that comes in his way.


We sincerely hope that interview hasn’t only been a learning lesson for him, but for several other journalists who think it is okay to ask anything to celebrities. In fact, this didn’t even seem like an interview, it was more of a bombardment of opinions on Sunny. We are glad she responded with panache and in turn Aamir Khan responded to Sunny Leone.

Way to go girl! Stay the way you are!

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