So there’s so much that is written about what the bride and the groom think, but we wanted to explore what could be running in the head of that ever important person who is supposed to keep it all together; the one who whips out dreams into reality like it a magician, the ever celebrated and yet unappreciated wedding planner. Read on.

Ah! What is with the banquet hall changing its rates all the time! I am chucking this out of the list from the next time. I am going to find better halls!

Event Manager in life Wedding Planner
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This is not looking good! If that caterer is going to be late today, might as well cook and feed the guests myself!

The family forgot the rings, THEY FORGOT THE RINGS! Okay, okay, where’s my team? “Okay, so someone needs to go right now and GET THE RINGS!”

Okay, groom’s uncle looks a bit too drunk. Oh no, he is going to get on the stage and perform. Okay, we must be polite, but we need to STOP HIM!

I do not like this vendor. Wrong recommendation. Note to self: Delete vendor contact later.

Event Manager in life Wedding Planner
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What is it with the photographers? I need those pictures for the reception RIGHT NOW!

I like this DJ kid! May be he could play at my wedding.

Event Manager in life Wedding Planner
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Oooh oooh, time for family pictures, round up all the relatives, team. This is going to take a LONNNG TIME!

I have got to change the venue from the next time. I am done arguing 2 hours before the wedding to allow the DJ to play. How can they suddenly decide they don’t want amplified music!

That pasta looks sooo good. It’s going to be over by the time I get to pick up the plate *weeps internally*

So, you see, wedding planning is no easy feat! Unless, you have an amazing wedding planning app like WedMeGood where you can find the best wedding photographers, banquet halls, planners, makeup artists and everything you need for your wedding.

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