A home is a place where you create memories with your family and enjoy peace of mind. It also acts as an asset that contributes to your net worth and provides stability over the long term. With house prices reaching newer heights, you might not have enough savings to fulfil the dream of buying a new home. However, you can forward to live this dream with the help of a home loan. 

These days, it has become easy to apply for a home loan or even get instant disbursal of loan amount based on your eligibility for the same. The online facility to apply for home loans is a step further in realizing your dream of buying a home.  

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There are a few things, like a home loan EMI calculator, which helps determine the premium payable for specific loan amount and tenure. Monthly instalments play a huge role while managing our finances after purchasing the property. To get a fair idea, you can use a home loan EMI calculator to get prior information about the approximate value of monthly instalments. It will also help you set the budget and let you know your creditworthiness.

You can take a look at a few other essential things before applying for a home loan:

1Research Available Loan Options

Do extensive research to know the options available before applying for any loan and gather as much information as you can. Use a home loan EMI calculator available online to know the crucial components of a loan such as principal amount, down payment, interest rate. These details will help you to decide your preferred bank that gives an attractive rate of interest. 

2Pick an Affordable Home Loan Option

While there are plenty of choices, affordability remains the primary concern. Think of it like reviewing cheap memory foam mattress toppers. They are a desired luxury, but affordability is an equal partner in the deal. It refers to your capability to pay off the loan in the form of monthly payments, including the rate of interest. These instalments must be such that they don’t hinder your current lifestyle. So, whenever you choose a home loan, always consider all factors that affect your financial health.

3Choose a Suitable EMI

EMIs are monthly instalments that you have to pay to your lender bank against the taken loan amount. You can use a home loan EMI calculator to get a fair idea, although the bank will tell you the accurate details. If you make a down payment, you can get a significantly lower EMI and short tenure. Long tenure loans also have lesser monthly instalments, although they lead to overpaying. Choosing a suitable EMI is one of the basic factors of taking a loan, along with a suitable tenure.

4Maintain Your CIBIL Score

CIBIL score is your credit score, which tells your history of how you have taken and repaid your credits or loans. Maintaining it is essential as it determines your creditworthiness, which is crucial for every loan you borrow. You can also check it online with a few details. If your credit score is above 750, you are likely to attract better rates of interest. 

5Use Home Loan EMI Calculator

While buying a home, it is imperative to set a budget and get an idea of monthly instalments beforehand, along with a few other details. In such cases, the use of a home loan EMI calculator becomes essential to get an approximate idea of the details. You can try permutations of the principal amount, rate of interest and loan tenure to know various instalments on the home loan EMI calculator. It will help you set your budget and avoid overpaying.

6Don’t Rush

Many times, documents include hidden fees, which you may not be aware of. Therefore, you must read the documents carefully and check for all the details to ensure everything is in its place. Avoid rushing to sign papers and keep emotions in check while finalizing your loan. Choose a renowned bank like Axis Bank to borrow home loan as per your eligibility. Make sure you read the documents thoroughly, including terms and conditions, and clear your doubts, if any, before you accept the loan tenure and rates. 

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