5 Effective Ways to Fall Asleep

Cannot fall asleep? At that time, the son of your mother’s friend who has already visited https://datingladies.com/and who is better than everyone else is sleeping somewhere in there without any problems. What is the reason for your insomnia? What has happened? Now, you are nervous and sleepy, your sleeping schedule is completely destroyed, and you are ready to do anything to make a difference. Well, if usual methods are ineffective, then you should resort to extreme measures. The main thing is that your problems with sleep shouldn’t be caused by a guilty conscience.

1Keep yourself awake.

It sounds as if it isn’t worthwhile. Why should you keep yourself awake when you want to get to sleep? The paradox is that when you try to do that, most often, the boomerang effect occurs. As they say, you are wide awake. The study has shown that people who have sleep problems can quickly fall asleep with the help of “paradoxical intent.” When they are told to go to bed and try not to sleep, usually, all of them fall asleep. You can ask your beloved person to tell some interesting story, and you will try to listen to it, not falling asleep.

2Try the sleep technique “5-8-9.”

This technique was first used many years ago. According to its creator, it is possible to get to sleep just in several minutes. The essence of it is that you provide your nervous system with a natural sedation, oxygenating your blood as well as slowing the heart rate. Just press the tip of your tongue to the palate directly behind the front teeth. Keep it in this position all the time during the exercise. Breath out through the mouth. Close your mouth and gradually breathe in for five seconds through your nostrils. Hold your breath for eight seconds. For nine seconds, breathe out through the mouth with a characteristic whistling sound. Now, repeat the above-mentioned method three times, and you will be happy.

3Try muscle relaxation technique.

Being in bed, gradually contract and loosen up your muscles, watching your breath. Start with the muscles of your legs. Firstly, contract your feet, then calf muscles, hips, buttocks, belly, etc., gradually making the path to the neck. If you do not want to tense completely, you can repeat this exercise only with your toes, alternately tensing and relaxing them 7 times. Tense your muscles for more than 7 seconds, and then loosen up for 28-30 seconds, no more.

4Put socks on.

Warm feet and hands are the required conditions for falling asleep. This is indicated by different studies. People who took part in the experiments got a bottle of hot water to put it near the feet. Hot water enlarges the blood vessels, contributing to the warmth loss. This causes a redistributing of warmness throughout the body as well as changes that occur in the human body when it is preparing to sleep. One of these changes is melatonin production, which is an important natural sleep hormone. The same effect can be achieved by putting on socks or even mittens. If socks don’t help you, then perhaps, there is not enough melatonin level. However, you can get it from the outside, as supplementation. In small doses, it is safe both in long and short-term applying.

5Cool off your bedroom.

If you want to sleep soundly, the suggested room temperature should be about 20 degrees. When you fall asleep, your body temperature drops. The cooler the room is, the better. If the temperature is much lower or higher than the suggested one, then the fast sleep phase comes when your brain is the most active. Metabolism is higher, and spontaneous fast movements of the eyes, as well as small movements of the body, can occur. At this stage, it is usually difficult to rouse the partner.

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