Your bedroom should serve as more than just a place to go to sleep. This should be your safe space where you can go to relax and blow off some steam. People tend to spend a lot of time in their bedrooms. They are there at night when sleeping, and in between the hours when they need to lie down. When decorating or remodeling your bedroom, make it look and feel like a special sanctuary, somewhere you can go to regenerate, refresh and reset, ready for the next day.

There are small and simple ways you can spruce up and add a little magic to your bedroom without having to dent your finances. Here are a few tips you can consider.

1Get rid of the clutter

Before working on the general picture, the very first thing you need to do is to clean up your room and get rid of clutter. Aside from improving your bedroom’s hygiene, tidying up can help boost the aesthetics of your bedroom. Research has it that walking into a clean and organized room can help induce a feeling of calmness, something you need to relax and unwind from the day’s events. Having a fresh space to come to every evening also helps you appreciate the beauty of your room and even bring back some of the fond memories you have of the room.

2Adjust your lighting

Your lighting contributes a lot to the ambiance of the room. Bright light is known for causing too much visual noise and can even affect your sleeping, keeping you awake long after switching off the lights. You can choose to strategically install bedroom ceiling lights and you can control their brightness, or go for several small lamps of varying heights such as on a nightstand, tall, or a short dresser. Three-way light bulbs can also come in handy, allowing you to adjust the lighting appropriately. You can as well add a lampshade lined with metallic gold paper to provide you with a soft glow.

3Soft color theme

The colors you choose for your bedroom walls can influence the calmness and relaxing feel of your room. Bright colors such as apple green, tangerine, or blue seems like a good choice, but their brightness has a better effect than elsewhere. They are perfect for the kitchen or living room where you need to promote a cheerful spirit. For your bedroom, you need colors such as pale gold, light coral, spa blue, or doe gray to bring out a peaceful and relaxed ambiance to your room. These colors are not limited to your walls. You can consider choosing a soft color scheme for your upholstery, bed linens, and even window treats.

4A better bed

People have different opinions when it comes to choosing the right bed. Others may opt for a firm mattress to support their body posture and help with back problems, while others may go for soft mattresses they can sink in. Regardless of your choice of mattress, you need to dress it nicely with an all-cotton bed sheet of the highest thread count your pockets can allow.  Throw in a few comfortable blankets, one light one and another heavier for cold nights. The size of the bed also matters. When choosing a bed size, take into consideration a size you can comfortably share with your spouse, child, or pet. With enough space, you can peacefully relax on your bed and sleep better.

5Think about white noise

Despite being labeled noise, white noise is arguably one of the best ways to create a peaceful environment. This noise is usually a low, continuous sound that does not affect your concentration. This sound can be produced by the soft hum of an air conditioner, fan, or the bubbling sound from an aquarium’s air pump. In the digital age of today, you can even get a white noise machine to play soothing sounds such as ocean waves, crickets chirping, or even water trickling through a creek. The soothing sounds caused by white noise are also used by some people to lull them to sleep aside from masking disturbing sounds such as barking dogs or people talking in adjacent rooms.


This involves playing around with calming and pleasant scents that set the mood for a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.  Scents from jasmine and lavender are known for having a calming and relaxing effect. You can, however, choose scents that are appealing to you, one that resonates with the mood you are looking for. You can choose to use scented candles, aerosols, or burn incense.

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