Muggle - Harry Potter Tattoos
Harry Potter Tattoos

Harry Potter Tattoos

Harry Potter is not just a novel; it’s a representation of our generation and an entire decade that grew up on it. From the characters, to the mind blowing magic world, everything amused us about Harry Potter. The book and the films marveled us to such an extent that most of us are still cursing our fate to be born as Muggles! From the struggles Harry Potter has been through with his friends to the absolutely detestable Voldemort we just wished would drop dead every time, the novel has defined our childhood and given us a valuable gift to pass on to our future generations. We all claim to be absolute Harry Potter fanatics, but some of us have taken a step beyond that and actually proved how much they have loved the entire series. These “Muggles” have tattooed Harry Potter and its famous iconic lines and characters on their bodies for life. It just goes out to show their undying love for the “Boy who lived” and his army. Then of course there are some who have loved the Dark side more than Harry and have put that on their arms for life. These people have literally proved their undying loyalty for Harry by inking their bodies forever with its marks. It’s also quite a novel concept; apart from various symbols that define Harry Potter, the novel is also home to several beautiful, deep lines. These Harry Potter themed tattoos are creative and spot on. Have a look! These could also be an inspiration for your next tattoo in case you love the Potter series! Pick any one you like; it’s a tough choice though!

1Lumos! So perfect, it glows in darkness!

Lumos-Harry Potter Tattoo

Source : Reddit – KylaRae

2The Footprints are visible only in the dark! Magic! Just like Harry Potter!

Mischief Managed - Harry Potter Tattoo

Source : Reddit – HomelessCupcake

3The beautiful phoenix and the Deathly Hallows! Look at the colours!

Deathly Hallows- Harry Potter Tattoo

Source : Reddit – Gavi031

4These beautiful words and the stunning design!

Quotes - Harry Potter Tattoo

Source : Reddit – DatAmygdala

5Harry Potter trademarks in a tattoo!

Specs-Harry Potter Tattoo

Source : Instagram

6Dobby has no master, Dobby is a free elf!

Dobby Harry Potter Tattoo

Source : Instagram

7The famous Dark Mark; we still cannot believe someone would actually get this inked!

Dark lord Mark Harry Potter Tattoo

Source : Reddit – Carbon_Deadlock

8These beautiful Albus Dumbledore words to Harry Potter!

Dumbledore Quotes

Source : Reddit – YerALizardHarry

9Wands! The lifeline of Harry Potter books!

The Elder wand tattoo

Source : Instagram

10 Who doesn’t remember this famous oath?

Marauder's Map tattoo

Source : Reddit – IronicReply


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