Spectre Trailer For The New James Bond Movie Is Here

He’s back! James Bond takes to Mexico City this time. Spectre, the 24th James Bond film is all set to release on November 6th and is all set to take our breath away with its uncanny characters and fast paced action sequences. Daniel Craig shines as James Bond in the new Spectre trailer. This is the first full length brand new trailer of Spectre and promises everything you except from a James Bond film. In this installation, Bond infiltrates a secret meeting and gets to learn about a sinister organization named Spectre. What happens next is going to be an awesome ride of high voltage action, classy cars and uncouth villains.

News are already floating around that this could be Daniel Craig’s last film as James Bond and the hunt for the next actor to portray this smart and charming character is on. When it comes to Bond films, the audience sis usually okay even if the film doesn’t offer a crisp plot line. What everyone expects is a high-on-action power packed film with cars and machines we don’t get to see in real life. That’s the only appetite most of us have. If the film offers that and much more, it’s a hit before you say James Bond. Spectre trailer has already received rave reviews and immense love from fans across the globe. It’s trending on everyone social media platform with everyone tweeting and talking about it’s brilliant look. This is a given hit! What we are interested to know is what kind of records will it break this time round and how much will it earn in the global market.

We just cannot wait for this one! Hoping the movie is even better than this insanely awesome trailer.


Source: James Bond 007

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