Yo Yo Gujarati Independence Day 


Let’s not make this about just a day, let’s not see it just as a holiday, let’s see it beyond that, let’s salute the jawans of our country who selflessly guard us every single moment; this is what Yo Yo Gujarati Independence Day video talks about today. While it’s a national holiday, and extended weekend and a day to exhibit our patriotic jingoism; it’s not how our jawans see it. It is because of them and the sacrifices their families make for the larger good of the country that we get to celebrate this day. Yo Yo Gujarati Independence Day video celebrates and salutes the undying spirit of the jawans of our country who guard us tirelessly through day and night and keep us safe. It’s beautiful, moving and an apt tribute for every man standing at the border right now.

Yo Yo Gujarati has always been popular for putting up the Gujarati version of Bollywood movie scenes. It’s popular in humour and for it’s “clean comedy” concept. This is one of those rare times when the label’s youtube channel aired a video that is based on religious equality and secularism for the progress of the nation. The video has been loved and appreciated by every member in the group and has been shared across all social media platforms. Amidst everyone who are demanding different kinds of freedom, this volume speaks volumes on how religious divide should not be a thought in the mind of any individual hailing from this country. We appreciate Yo Yo Gujarati’s thought and hope that the message reaches as many Indians as possible. We hope that people understand the depth of this message and lead by example in making this country a better place to live in.

Jai Hind!


Source : Brahma Raval

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