This Independence Day Video Starring Raveena Tandon And Manoj Bajpai Will Make You Thank Every Indian Freedom Fighter

Brilliant; this is the only word that hit us after watching this video! This Independence Day video tells us why we need to be thankful to every freedom fighter and soldiers of our country who sacrificed their lives to give us a free nation. The script, the editing, the actors and the message; it’s all so impactful and moving, it’s going to haunt you for the longest. Amidst all the Independence Day videos that are taking over the internet right now; this one is probably the best we have come across. Well done guys!

We came across this video when we noticed it was trending on every social media platform. If you were to actually give it a look, you’d know why. The video has got every Indian to salute and thank every freedom fighter in the country with it’s simple yet heart warming message. If they’d actually put the name of any freedom fighter, people wouldn’t have been interested (such is the irony). What they did instead is to show us how our lives would have been if it weren’t for these brave people standing up for their rights to ensure our happy future. The video hits your guts really hard and we are sure you will continue staring at the screen minutes after the video is over. It’s so pleasant to see Raveena Tandon and Manoj Vajpain do this; such fine actors! Thank you for giving us the simplest message in the most unique way. Hat’s off!

On second thoughts, here is a question. What kind of a future are we building for our next generation with what we do today? Think over it while you watch this beauty!


Source: OYO Rooms

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