Johnny Lever Podcast by AIB is Uniquely Creative

Take a bow, AIB! Only you could have pulled it off! Johnny Lever Podcast is absolutely beautiful and something that pays the right kind of tribute to a legend like Johnny Lever. We have been laughing at his jokes and enjoying his shows eons before these stand up comedians actually took over the internet and television. Johnny Lever is definitely the Father of Comedy from the 90s for Indians. Johnny Lever Podcast isn’t only an audio file that highlights the thoughts and the hard work of the ace comedian; it’s also a lesson for all those who want to enter the field of standup comedy. And then there’s the AIB team that’s putting in its own experiences about comedy and how times have changed now. It could be difficult for people who are used to watching instead of listening, but do have a look at this one. It’s like an amalgamation of classic and modern comedians in one audio. If you ever wanted to know the thoughts and struggles of a standup comedian then this podcast is your ticket to that. It’s long, but it’s so interesting, you won’t notice the time. Johnny Lever Podcast is absolutely worth your time.

We hope AIB comes up with several other podcasts. It’s not something we bump into everyday on the internet and it’s quite refreshing. Plus it gets into the skin of a person’s journey and that is extremely inspiring. May be someday we’d want to hear a podcast on AIB’s journey to fame and popularity. It’s something every standup comedian should hear at least one. This one’s packed with knowledge and tips for every guy who wants to make a career in comedy.

kudos to AIB for putting this up, we want a repeat!


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