100 Years of Indian Beauty is a Beautiful Video

This one stole our heart! Lately a team has been celebrating 100 years of Beauty in the world and Cut Video made one on 100 Years of Indian Beauty. From 1910 to 2010, the visuals are stunning and so is the transformation of the model. From minimalistic makeup to absolutely stunning hairdos, 100 Years of Indian Beauty will make every Indian woman feel beautiful. A lot of research has gone into make this stunning video and providing the right look to the model so that she resembles a beauty from a particular era. 100 years of Indian beauty will restore your faith into why Indian women are the prettiest in the world and will give you a view into how much fashion and trends have changed over a 100 years in this diverse nation called India. 100 years of Indian Beauty is a video that caters to people from all cultures and ages; the only pre-requirement is that you must be Indian. Not that the non-Indians wouldn’t understand, but they won’t be able to get the extent of the depth the way we do. Plus there is a lot of context attached to videos like these. 100 years of Indian beauty is a walk down the memory late as fashion trends changed over the years and brought us where we are today. You may think we may be in the “modern age” as far as fashion is concerned; you will now know after watching the video, how we are now getting back to how things used to be back then. We loved the concept of the video and the way it has been designed for the Indian audience.

The video will remind you of Bollywood and the actresses who distinctly carried off those looks. We thought of Madhuri Dixit and Sharmila Tagore. Do not miss this one! Watch it with your mother and your grand mother together. It’s an experience to be felt.


Source : Cut Video

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