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15 Awesome Images That Reinvent Pizza Recipes Like A Boss!

Images That Reinvent Pizza Recipes
Pizza Recipes

Pizza Recipes


Truer stories have been told about a human’s love for Pizza, than his/her love for another human being. The world cannot thank Italy enough for this awesome creation. And then of course for the all the variations each country introduced to the famous and most loved pie. While we all love Pizzas beyond the worlds, there are many who manage to find room for recreation. These Pizza Recipes are absolutely unique and delicious! It’s an entire innovative take on the age old sauce, base and toppings that have dominated Pizza Recipes for the longest. Those of you looking for a creative change in the kitchen with enhanced flavours, this post is your ticket to that. For the rest, if the age old Pizza Recipes keep you happy, no pressure!

1Let’s start with the most basic. A Pizza Recipe for a sandwich!

Pizza Recipe for Pizza Sandwich

Source : AlidasKitchen

2Pizza Muffins anyone?

Pizza Recipe for pizza Muffin

Source : DollHouseBakeShoppe

3Eggs aren’t the same anymore now!

Recipe for Pizza eggs

Source : Imgur

4Move over Focaccia and Multigrain! We have Pizza bread here!

pizza Bread Image

Source : Ideas and Products

5Crispy, melting yummy Pizza Rolls! *drools*

Recipe for Pizza Rolls

Source : LoveThisPic

6Easy this one!

Recipe for Pizza ria Chex mix

Source : LoveThisPic

7Everyone’s had this we assume. If not, put this tutorial into good use now!

Recipe for pizza nachos

Source : LoveThisPic

8No day would be a bad day if it begins with this beauty!

Recipe for Breakfast Pizza

Source : LoveThisPic

9And then there are these little beauties!

Recipe For stuffed Pizza cupcakes

Source : PennyWiseCook

10Salivating already!

Recipe for Pizza Rolls

Source : Simple as That Blog

11The healthier version, Zucchini!

Recipe for zucchini pizza stripes

Source : CookingClassy

12Who wants an ice-cream when this is available!

Recipe for Pizza Cones

Source : MyStickitchen

13This one stole our hearts! Best Pizza Recipe ever!

Recipe for pizza waffle

Source : Pillsbury

14Who could have thought of this! Genius!

Recipe for pizza lasagna rolls

Source : RachelCooks

15Bacon and cheese wrapped into a Pizza ball! This is what heaven must taste like!

Recipe for bacon cheeseburger pizza balls

Source : The Gunny Sack

Rush to your kitchen, now!

h/t: LoveThisPic

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