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What If An Indian Leading Newspaper Was Honest

Indian Leading Newspaper Was Honest
Honest Times of India

Indian Leading Newspaper Was Honest


With the rise and the consistent growth of the social media, competition has increased in every field, especially in journalism. Every news channel and newspaper claims to be the best and the one to break every single “breaking news.” But what would happen if a so-called Indian Leading Newspaper was honest? Most of us know that newspapers today publish more crap than what our dustbin can take. Well Firefly.com designed an honest version of an Indian Leading Newspaper and hands down it is the most perfectly honest design we could ever expect. If you have ever had a look at this newspaper (we are sure you have!), you will know that this is witty, sarcastic, hilarious and brutally honest. Interestingly this newspaper seems loads better than the original; at least it’s honest!

We have no idea if the original newspaper company has ever looked at this one, but it would great if they did. At least that way they will know what several Indians think about their “Times”. It’s high time they took the hint!


1The first page has to be a huge advertisement. It’s like a pattern now!

Indian Leading Newspaper Was Honest

2And page two is no different.

Indian Leading Newspaper Was Honest

3Then there is some ray of hope on page three; only momentarily.

Indian Leading Newspaper Was Honest


4Page four doesn’t offer any solace either.

What If An Indian Leading Newspaper Was Honest

5Page five is something most of us don’t agree with most of the times! Plus, sometimes the opinions are given by people who are ‘celebrated writers’ after torturing us with a lot of crap!

Honest Times of india

6Who cares about page six?!

Useless Page Six in Times of india

7 Less sports, more gossip!

less of sports and more of gossip news

8Everyone knows how entertaining the entertainment section is.

Entertainment section is no longer entertaining

9And how there is nothing classified about the “classified” section!

Classified section Times of India

10International news is limited to this ONLY.
International Section of Times of India

11And that’s the last page.

Last page of TOI again filled with ad

What do you think about Indian Leading Newspaper reports? Share in comments.

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