Weird Message turns off your iPhone

There is a weird message that has been doing the rounds lately and has annoyed iPhone users to the hilt. No one knows who started this message and what is embedded in it that causes so much trouble. Apparently this weird message is taking over the internet right now because the moment one gets it, the phone turns off and reboots later. It’s only for iPhone users though and they do not like this at all. While most call it a weird message many also call it a dark or evil message that causes their iPhones to die temporarily. Initially everyone thought it’s some kind of a joke or a prank. Everyone got curious and started checking out what all the fuss was about. When the phones started switching off for real, users started complaining about the weird message and soon the news started trending of various social media platforms. Sooner than soon, it became a reality.


This is what the message looks like

Iphone Weird Message shutting off phones
Iphone Weird Message

As the news started picking up, people took to social media to express their anger and frustration over this weird message


This is a video showing how the message affects iPhones


We don’t know how long this weird message is going to affect iPhones and if it could later affect other phones. Do spread the word among your friends and family who use an iPhone.

Message image courtesy: Buzzfeed


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