Maggi Banned: This Is How Life Would Be

There’s rarely anyone in the country who doesn’t know the yummy taste of maggi. Maggi Banned is the catchphrase for most Indians right now. The delicious instant 2 minute noodles is not just a snack, it’s a way of life for most youngsters and children. The recent controversy surrounding this product that has dominated our childhood, college memories and our taste buds, containing MSG and Lead has divided the nation into Maggi supporters and those who wish to ban it in public health care interest. Maggi Banned is dominating the internet today as a hashtag and also as a sign of rebellion by those people who do not wish to part from their 2 minutes to happiness noodles. People have been piling up packets of Maggi in their households before it gets banned. The Social Workers came up with a video that shows how our lives would turn out to be if Maggi got banned forever. The video depicts lives of people hailing from all age groups and their love for Maggi. They have titled the video 2 Minute Silence for Maggi. For those who are eternally in love with the product, allow us to inform you that now along with Madhuri Dixit, Mr. Amitabh bachchan and Priety Zinta too have been brought under the scanner for endorsing this brand. Things are looking grim and this video could genuinely be a reality tomorrow. On the other hand there are several other noodles rand that are busy trying to prove how they are “safe” to consume instead of Maggi. We must say that is is one of the biggest setbacks for Nestle with things turning against it’s noodle brand by the second. It won’t be wrong to say that the country is now losing faith in the company and it may take years to gain back the trust of the people.


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