“Crazy Plate Lady”

 Jacqueline Poirier (Crazy Plate Lady) is a gifted artist who creates hyper realistic images of food, animals and people on ceramic plates. She’s a resident artist at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto, where her hand painted plates made a debut on one of the hotel’s occasions and she has been appreciated and celebrated for her art since then. To date she has painted over 1500 plates and counting and the paintings range from landscape to animals and people to food. The thrill and joy she finds in bringing joy to her customers through her art all over the world keep her going. Here’s some of her fabulous plate art.

It’s an absolutely fresh revolution on Instagram these days. everyone’s obviously fed up with the same kind of images floating on the internet. Enter the Crazy Plate Lady and we have new art form to look up to. It’s so inspiring not only to artists around the world, but also to the rest of us. It teaches you to embrace art and give it a new face. The ingredients are the same-lots of love, dedication and creativity, but with these to give it a face lift is something that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea or must we say “plate of food.” It’s beautiful!

She’s named it “Plart”


Anyone up for a yummy steak?


Or Chinese may be?

Chinese Food by Crazy Plate Lady


Pizza by Crazy Plate Lady

Pizza by Crazy Plate Lady

Look how scrumptious that burger looks?

Burger Artwork by Crazy Plate Lady

Some chips to go with that burger!

Lay Chips Artwork by Crazy Plate Lady

We could end the meal with desserts!

Ice cream Cone artwork on plates

Donut artwork on plates

A lip smacking breakfast!

Breakfast Pancakes artwork on plates

Here’s some of her other work!

Gordon Ramsay artwork on plate

The God of food!
Where everything’s shared!

Instagram artwork on plate

Home Alone!

Home Alone artwork on plate

That’s how she does it!
 Jacqueline Poirier painting on a plater

You can check out her work on Instagram.

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