Game Of Thrones Valentines Cards


Valentine’s Day is round the corner and while everyone is busy buying roses and cupcakes, we thought why not give you something geeky?! These Game of Thrones Valentines cards are going to put a smile on every fan’s face. Although the series is loaded with a lot of gore, blood, sex, scandal and DEATH; we thought it is crucial that we try to show you some love through the characters. Game of Thrones Valentines cards cover all major characters from the series (some that you like, some you hate!) enunciating some of their most romantic lines from the series for your Valentine. We don’t really know how you would feel about Joffrey though. Umm…maybe it is a good card if you want to break up on Valentines; a compliment for a parting kick. Ouch!

The brilliant creatives have been made by Lucille Petty who is a Buzzfeed Community member. Just the kind of thought that she has put into creating something unique for Valentines is absolutely commendable. The images will give you a sense of wit and humour in spite of the fact that they seem quite straightforward. Have a look at these brilliant Game of Thrones Valentines cards!

1The irony here!


2The imp-portance of love!




4But the sword is umm…cut off


5The genuine ones!


6Looks are deceptive, so are the words!






9Fire and Blood!


10So HOT!


11He knows something


12Risky business


13The huge gap between demand and supply!


14This ended too soon!


If you have suggestions for more Game of Thrones Valentines cards, write to us.


Disclaimer: We do not hold the exclusive rights to these images. The sole owners of the idea and the images are Buzzfeed and Lucille Petty.


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