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This Guy Posted His Engagement Pictures With A Burrito And The Reason Will Blow Your Mind

Engagement Pictures With A Burrito
David Sikorsky

David Sikorsky Engagement Pictures With A Burrito


A writer named David Sikorsky just had enough of the engagement pictures pouring in from all directions on his news feed on Facebook. He realized this is probably a phase and an issue for every twenty something guy/girl when suddenly everyone around you decides to get hitched. And it just doesn’t stop there; there are engagement pictures and then pictures of romantic escapes and picnics. It just goes on and on. David has always and only loved a burrito and thought why not do something creative with it? What he did next was insanely hilarious and spot on. He posted epic Engagement Pictures With A Burrito. By doing what he did; he just nailed his frustration and his love for the popular Mexican dish all at once.

Like they all say, “There is no truer love than the love for food”; this guy showed us a practical version of the quote. As it people say that the one you love will grow old and get cranky, but food? Oh no! You are always going to be hungry and it’s always going to satiate that hunger. His funny and sarcastic style has been appreciated by all.

His Engagement Pictures With A Burrito are trending lately. Name any social media and you will find his pictures trending there.From exotic places in San Francisco to a champagne picnic; he did it all! Genuis!

Will you marry me? Yes!

Engagement Pictures With A Burrito

Lost in the eyes!

Engagement Pictures With A Burrito

An exotic place and a beautiful couple!

Engagement Photos With A Burrito

In sickness and in health!

Engagement Pictures With A Burrito

The beautiful bride-to-be :p

Burito Engagement Picture


David Sikorsky adorable love for Burito

Lost in Love!

Kristina Bakrevski David Sikorsky

The typical beach photo

David Sikorsky running on the beach

The champagne picnic!

David Sikorsky enjoying his champagne picnic

The status update that rocked Facebook lately!

David Sikorsky declaring his engagement on facebook

We must say that these Engagement Pictures With A Burrito are adorable!

Match made in heaven!

h/t: Boredpanda.com


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