Ganesh Chaturthi in Thailand
Ganesh Chaturthi in Thailand

This Video Of People Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi In Thailand Is Too Cute

Ganesh Chaturthi in Thailand? Do people there even know what the festival is? The world never fails to surprise us. We often hear of how cultures of two different countries are quite similar and inspire each other’s cuisines and clothes. But this one got a little further. This video shows people of Thailand celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi in Thailand! It’s insanely cute because you see these guys singing “Happy Birthday to You” for Lord Ganesha and it’s going to melt your heart.

India and Thailand have become thick friends since Thailand opened its gates for India for tourism. Since then possibly every family plans to or has visited this beautiful place since it’s so affordable. Plus the foods habits and ingredients are quite similar and that’s an added reason to visit the place. While India provides opportunity to the tourism sector in Thailand; there are several Indians who have settled there and are leading comfortable lives. It’s all happy on both the ends.

But this video from Thailand just won our hearts big time! This is something that India will never forget. Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi in Thailand sounds fun, insane and absolutely heartwarming all at once. Lord Ganesha may be an Indian God, but none of us have a copyright over him. From the video it looks like these guys love him as much as we do. Their “Happy Birthday” song for Lord Ganesha is a living example of that. Plus they also cut a “Modak Cake” at the end of it. Adorable, right?

This video of Ganesh Chaturthi in Thailand has received a lot of love and praise; it’s winning hearts over the internet this very minute. Videos like these show us how we may be hailing from different places and cultures, but moments like these will always bind us to each other. We know that not only the world, but also Lord Ganesha is going to be extremely happy about this. They also say “Ganpati baapa moriya, mangal murti moray” after the puja. It’s so beautiful!

Ganesh Chaturthi in Thailand is something we will always remember 🙂


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